north light

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Back to the Source

There are lots of different ways of thinking about photography.

Sometimes these ideas and theories grab my attention, other times they leave me feeling vaguely baffled.

Sometimes I think it’s not really photography that I’m interested in at all, only what it is that I notice as a result of walking with a camera.

And that, for me, is and always has been the natural world.

You don’t need a camera for this of course but the practice of looking out has certainly changed things for me, making you more likely to notice patterns, movement, light.

To notice and appreciate the look of the natural world, in all its different guises, over and over.

geese in a winter sky

As The Light Turns

I love the turning times of year.

Even as the light fades you become more aware of its presence, its intensity.

leaf on the ground in strong winter sunlight

Sunlit Sunday

A path, through sunlight, through trees. Each and every time I stop and take a picture: it pulls me in, again and again, this quiet, irresistible invitation.

sunlit path

Only a few blue flowers remain, crinkling at the edges. In their place, an abundance of down, soft to the touch, ready to fly, to flee, to fall.

I wonder if there is a word for the gold light of a sunny September morning? Its softness, its thickness, the way it falls and touches, like a parent’s hand, like a kiss.

the river today
not even
an insect’s sound

6 August 2015

so lonely
in this polished world
clicking in the reeds
on Linlithgow Loch