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I was half watching a programme the other night about space. The presenter was talking about gravity.

One way to think about gravity, he said, is that everything in the universe is just falling through space time.

The moon is falling into the valley created by the mass of the earth. The earth is falling into the valley created by the sun, and the solar system is falling into the valley created by our galaxy, and our galaxy is falling towards other galaxies in the universe.

wonders of the universe

He looked pretty happy about this theory (perhaps this is because he was perched on top of a stunning mountain range) but I confess it made me feel a little strange, this feeling that everything might just be: falling.

Sometimes the time that we’re in has that feeling too, that things are getting darker, tumbling in a way that’s outwith our control. The political environment is toxic, the news is dark as can be, and despite our fancy theories about the wonders of the universe we seem little closer to knowing how to look after this most beautiful planet.

It’s one of the reasons I find myself returning over and again to the quiet, tiny wonder of macro photography. Sometimes even the size of a landscape is too much to me but I always love the detail of the close-up watching, the surprise of what the lens might reveal. Plus you always know where you stand with a flower.

Here are a few recent macro shots, taken with the Hipstamatic. I hope you enjoy them.

Seeing the Small

Macro photography opens up new worlds, over and over.

It’s a way of noticing the small.

Macro photography helps me to see the small, changing with the turn of each season.


Late Harvest

I decided to take my own medicine and jump back into some macro photography. (Why wait for a new year?)

The day was bright, and the harvest, oh so beautiful. (more…)

Macro Gratitude

The macro lens has changed the way I view the world, for ever, and for good.

The macro lens lets me see things like this.

Silver Starburst

Oh, I know.

It’s just a common or garden flower of the wayside, of the fields, of the hedgerows. (more…)